I have just completed my latest works titled Steam Dragon Wars. This painting proved a challenge to paint and is one of my most detailed yet! 
I wanted to paint another dragon as I have not done so in such a long time but I also wanted to do another Steampunk inspired piece so I mixed the two together and created a steam-powered mechanical dragon!
This piece started to develop in to a story line all of it's own. Why did such mechanical beasts exist? For what purpose? A War? Against another air borne machine.. a airship (got to love airships)
And so the story unfolded that two warring faction- The Lactions are Aristocratic and wealthy. Their air ships are grand in design and built with a team of engineers with the best scientists available working on new and advanced technology. This includes cannons, machine guns, Tesla coil powered Harpoon which can be interchanged with a net gun.

The Dragonar's Steam-powered dragons are a old technology but are still masters of the sky. "breathing fire and setting ablaze anything in their path. hydraulic jaws enable then to crush armoured machines effortlessly. Powerful wings propel their bulk with ease. Their shadow on the ground causes fear and panic.

The majority of this work was experimental for me, I wanted to practice my composition, lighting, mood and just try new techniques too.
Any way with out further a do I am pleased to present: Steam Dragon Wars