New art and painting problems

Well lately I have been having a very difficult time with my digital painting.
I had this image that I wanted to capture in my mind of three standing stones in the full moon light, surrounded by creatures such as an owl and hares.
First initial sketch of the standing stones picture
Having scanned in the sketch I transferred it to my iPad to see if I could complete the picture only using that, however I could not get the picture big enough to be able to make big high quality prints from it, so I scrapped that and I started to work on painting it using corel painter on my PC the old fashion way.

Halfway through the painting I became aware that at some point along the way the colours Looked very odd and  I was not happy with the way it looked. I had fears that it was my graphics card was playing up but I just think the image itself became corrupt.

So I decided to paint something else instead and the latest theme for the Enchanted visions project had been announced so I decided to crack on with that painting instead.
I present, Dia los de Muertos.

Find out more about the Enchanted visions project here:

After completing this very different type of art for me I decided to tackle the standing stones again but it was like hitting a brick wall and I had fallen out of love with the painting, I almost wish I had never started it but I had received such good feedback from people about it I knew I had to  get it finished. So I started it again, completely from scratch and I am so glad I did as it flowed so much easier this time around (my third time of starting the picture, almost represented by the three stones!)

So now the picture is finished!
I ran a competition on my facebook page and the winning title was picked. The painitng is now called Monarch of the Stones.